Obama’s drilling ban

Hello All

 Today, I’d like to talk about Obama’s ignorant decision to ban drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana and several other states in the South depend upon the oil industry for a big part of their employment. The crews of the rigs, the crews of the crew boats, the helicopter pilots that ferry crews to and from the helipad to the rig. The people who operate the helipads. The Oil tankers, all the people who work on those boats. The catering companies and their employees who work on the rigs and boats alike. There are many more, but i don’t want to blow your mind. All of these people no longer have a job and the few who are lucky enough to still be employed are now being shipped overseas. An overseas tour is not 14-14, the normal work time, or even the 21-21 that has recently been going into effect in the gulf, it is 28-28. That’s a month gone from family. That means 6 months out of the year, these men and women will not be around to see their children grow up, they won’t be able to celebrate the holidays with their families, and the six months doesn’t even take into account travel time. Say if the rig was sent to Africa, where there is drilling, it’s a 2 day plane ride to and from. That means the time gone increases from 28 to 32. That’s a long time to be away from your family. All of this is not because of BP, this is because of OBAMA, the man who is currently President of the United States. I do not hold BP blameless, they did cause the spill after all and it could have been avoided. 

 On each rig, there are systems set up to prevent such things from happening. There is not one backup plan in case the first safety measure fails, there are several. The Deepwater Horizon had these measures but they were not in working order. BP had been told of the problem and they ignored it and did not repair the rig. Their refusal to follow the rules is something that has happened before with similiar results. If you will remember, the Texas City Explosion happened at a BP owned facility. There too, they were told of faulty equiptment and they refused to fix it. That decision led to the loss of 15 lives. The Deepwater Horizon decision led to the loss of 11 human lives, numerous wild life lives, and the decimation of the wetlands. I certainly fault them, they are responsible for their part.

However, the ban of drilling is all OBAMA. The Deepwater Horizon Explosion is the exception, not the rule in the gulf. The men and women offshore are extremely cautious and I can say easily that in the 30 years that my dad has been offshore, there has never been an incident even remotely close to the Horizon. I speak from personal experience and i hope that you listen to this post. I’ve emailed the President. I’ve emailed Senators. I’ve even emailed Oprah, because we all know how close she is to OBAMA, but no matter who i email, I can’t get a response. I try because I care. I worry about the people of my home state and I worry about the Gulf. I worry about the children who no longer have insurance. I worry about the parents who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads or food on the table. I worry about the people who can no longer keep the lights on because they have no money. I worry and I cry. I do not understand how OBAMA can spend the weekend blithely playing golf while children suffer heat stroke because the air conditioner got shut off when the lights did. I do not understand how OBAMS can sleep at night when the U.S. people are crying out for help. I do not understand. Do you?


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