What is depression? If i had to describe it, I would say soul sucking blackness that threatens to overwhelm your every thought and action until you become a sniveling idiot crying on the bathroom floor because nothing in your life is going right or even kind of good. That’s my personal opinion because that’s what i feel like. Do i want to be depressed? No. Am i depressed anyway? Yes! Is there a reason? Of course, but you don’t really want to listen to me ramble. So i’ll pass on the full on explanation and instead say i’m miserable and depressed and  there’s not a damn thing i can do to change it. I have no choice in the matter. Why is it every time i have a chance of happiness, someone swoops by and yanks it away? I hate you, swooper. You’re a killjoy and a homewrecker and if a sinkhole suddenly opened beneath your feet, i’d feel sorry for the sinkhole. Wishing you the eternal unhappiness you cause others,
I’m done.


About winterwhite17

I am a currently unpublished author hoping to catch a big fish for an agent. We'll see how it turns out.
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